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Tajik Treasures Unveiled: A Vibrant Showcase of Culture and Commerce in Astana (August 26-27)

An exhibition-fair of agricultural and industrial products, folk crafts, and national dishes of Tajikistan was held at EXPO Square in Astana as part of the celebration of the Days of Culture of Tajikistan in Kazakhstan on August 26-27, 2023. Over 300 agricultural producers from the Sughd region brought their goods to Astana, selling more than 1,000 tons of products, including fresh vegetables, fruits, traditional melons, honey, sweets, and various drinks. The exhibition also featured a wide range of handicrafts and souvenirs made from natural materials, felt, textiles, knitted and forged decorative items, knives, and the world-famous Tajik atlas.

A notable presence at the exhibition was observed among women artisans who had previously engaged with the NURCE research team during a business trip to Tajikistan. These women, primarily from Khorog, showcased their diverse products, reflecting their entrepreneurial spirit and the country's commitment to gender equality. Their displays not only highlighted the rich cultural heritage of Tajikistan but also underscored the increasing role of women in the region's economic growth. Attendees and fellow exhibitors alike expressed appreciation and admiration for their craftsmanship and business acumen.