Research: Conferences

TECHNOWOMEN (June 22, 2023)

On June 22, our International Conference on Women's Entrepreneurship, organized by TechnoWomen and NURCE, was a resounding success. Our esteemed speakers delved into engaging discussions on e-commerce and ESG for business, providing invaluable insights and strategies. Aziza Shuzheyeva, the leader of TechnoWomen, delivered a powerful speech on the mission of TechnoWomen, an international community that has united women from CIS countries.

Additionally, we were thrilled to have professors from Nazarbayev University share their expertise on the latest trends in entrepreneurship. Their enlightening speech on navigating gender dynamics shed light on the challenges and opportunities faced by women in the business world.

The conference proved to be a perfect blend of inspiring stories, research findings, and current trends, leaving attendees motivated and empowered. We are grateful to all those who participated and made this event a resounding success.