Events: Oratorfest

Oratorfest in May 2023: Empowering Oratory Excellence

Our Oratorfest festival took place for the first time at Nazarbayev University on May 27th! 🎉 It was an unforgettable event that has already captured the hearts of participants in Ekaterinburg and Astana. 💪 We gathered a large number of people eager to develop their oratory skills! 🗣️

At the festival, our 4 wonderful trainers conducted engaging masterclasses on various fascinating topics: "Business in Kazakh Style," "Effective Communications," "The Art of TED-Style Speaking," and much more! 🌍 They shared secrets of successful oratory and inspired all attendees! 💡

In addition, we introduced the audience to stand-up comedy format and improvisation skills! 😄

During the festival, we also hosted a series of micro-training sessions led by young trainers, covering the following topics:

🔹 "Harnessing the Power of Words and Learning to Control It"
🔹 "Being Understood and Heard"
🔹 "Defining Your Boundaries"
🔹 "How Voice Modulation Can Significantly Improve Project Management"

These micro-training sessions helped participants develop additional skills and explore new opportunities in the realm of oratory art! 💪✨ We're sharing some snapshots from our past Oratorfest with you! 📸