Events: Networking

NURCE Showcase Seminar for University Management

Recently, NURCE organized a seminar tailored specifically for university management, focusing on highlighting ongoing initiatives and future plans crucial to shaping the institution's academic trajectory. Key attendees included:

  • Loretta O’Donnell, Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs, whose extensive experience and insights have been instrumental in guiding the institution's academic strategies.
  • Luis Ramón Rojas-Solórzano, Associate Provost for Graduate Studies.
  • Venkat Subramanian, Vice Dean GSB for Research & Development.
  • Jennifer L. Lewis, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs & Accreditations GSB.

The seminar was led by Director Dr. Shumaila Yousafzai and Dr. Anjan Ghosh, Co-Founder of NURCE, whose combined leadership has significantly contributed to NURCE's prominent status. This event not only showcased achievements but also underscored our institution's collaborative ethos and unwavering commitment to excellence.