Events: Guest Lecture


On June 29th, we held an insightful event focused

on the steps to exit the operating system for

owners and managers. Renowned entrepreneur

and business consultant, Katya Boss, shared her

extensive experience in business processes,

financial models, team building, and anti-crisis

strategies. With over 17 years of leadership

expertise, including roles at Uwill, Mercedes-Benz

RUS, Audi Motorhome, and Haval Rus, Katya's

insights provided valuable guidance to attendees.

As a consultant for the international community

Uwill and a team-building consultant for

Mercedes-Benz RUS, she has consistently

demonstrated her proficiency in driving

organizational success. With her previous roles as

the Managing Director of Audi Motorhome and

Customer Experience Consultant at Haval Rus,

Katya's diverse experience added tremendous

value to the event. We extend our gratitude to

Katya Boss for sharing her knowledge and

expertise, making this event a resounding success.