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NURCE Team Reconnects with Women Entrepreneurs from the Pamir Region of Tajikistan

In an inspiring journey last month, our Nazarbayev University Research Centre for Entrepreneurship (NURCE) team ventured to the breathtaking Pamir Region of Tajikistan. The focus of the trip was to engage with local women entrepreneurs, some of whom we had the pleasure of meeting earlier in Astana during a Tajikistan expo. The expo was specially organized to coincide with the visit of Tajikistan's President to Kazakhstan.

It was truly heartwarming to reconnect with these talented women, deepening bonds and witnessing firsthand the entrepreneurial spirit that drives them. These connections go beyond professional courtesies; they are bridges that facilitate cultural exchange, knowledge sharing, and mutual growth.

We are thrilled to announce that some of these remarkable entrepreneurs visited Nazarbayev University to showcase their beautiful handicrafts. The exhibition, held in the upper atrium, provided a unique opportunity for our community to experience the rich culture of Tajikistan and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into creating these artisanal products.