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Empowering Women in Political Leadership: Training at Amanat Party Academy

Director of NURCE, Associate Professor Shumaila, and Deputy Director of NURCE, Nurlykhan Aljanova, actively engaged in a Training Workshop on "Women's Political Leadership." This workshop was part of the Tomiris Project, hosted by the Academy of Political Management, an educational institution affiliated with the AMANAT Party. During their participation, they highlighted NURCE's pivotal initiatives, research undertakings, project executions, book presentations, and their significant role in gathering data on women entrepreneurship across Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. Additionally, they delved into discussions about impactful business events and networking sessions and shed light on the upcoming Women Entrepreneurship Training.

Notably, NURCE's upcoming second annual conference, themed "Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology: Challenges, Opportunities, and Prospects in the CIS Region," was also a key point of conversation. Collaborating with the Deputy Director of the Academy of Political Management, Mrs. Saule Baktymbet, alongside public figures, politicians, and accomplished female leaders, they contributed to a stakeholder consultation session as part of the workshop's endeavors.