Events: Oratorfest

Oratorfest Triumph in June 2023: Empowering Communication Skills

We are thrilled to share the tremendous success of Oratorfest, our monthly festival dedicated to enhancing speech skills! 🎙️✨

Oratorfest, held at Nazarbayev University in Astana on June 24, gathered over 100 participants eager to improve their communication mastery. The festival featured engaging workshops by top trainers in Astana, covering various aspects of communication including conflict resolution, presentations, business games, comedy improvisation, beginner trainer club, and acting skills.

Participants immersed themselves in diverse aspects of effective communication. They explored conflict resolution, studied conflict causes, behavioral patterns, and strategies for finding common ground. The "Mastering Presentations" workshop helped attendees become confident and captivating speakers, mastering the art of delivering messages effectively. The business game "Snowflakes" simulated real negotiation and sales scenarios, providing participants with valuable skills and ideas.

Laughter filled the room during the "Art of Comedy Improvisation" workshop, where participants learned to react quickly and humorously to various situations. The beginner trainer club showcased young trainers conducting brief sessions on networking, fun introductions, skill integration, and overcoming public speaking fears. In the acting skills workshop, participants learned about emotion management and the fundamentals of acting.

Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive. They appreciated the practical conflict resolution techniques and the entertaining nature of the comedy improvisation workshop. The acting skills workshop received high praise for its comprehensive approach, blending theory with practical exercises.

Mark your calendars for the next Oratorfest on July 29, and join us in enhancing your power of effective communication!