News: Book Launch

Book presentation and photo exhibition

We are pleased to report that the book presentation of *Together We Have It All: Women Entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan's Community-Based Tourism Sector* held in Astana on April 7 was a resounding success. The NURCE team shared fascinating insights from the research and discussed the challenges and opportunities faced by women entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan. Attendees were able to engage in dialogue with the authors and other participants, making for a truly engaging and thought-provoking event.

Nazarbayev University recently held a photo exhibition featuring the book *Together We Have It All: Women Entrepreneurs in the Community-Based Tourism Sector of Kyrgyzstan (CBT)*. The exhibition showcased a collection of captivating photographs capturing the lives of women entrepreneurs in the CBT sector in Kyrgyzstan, highlighting their contributions to the community and their inspiring stories of resilience and success.