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Dr. Anjan Ghosh

Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Director - Silk Road Case Center Narxoz Business School, Narxoz University

Dr Anjan Ghosh ( ) is a fellow (PhD) and Gold Medalist (2017) of Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. IIM Calcutta is one of the top business schools in India/ Asia and has been among the top 50 business schools in QS and Financial Times Global Ranking. Anjan is a member of 'Global Business School Network (GBSN)' Case Method Steering Committee ( He is a board member of Case Research Foundation ( In 2021, he has been invited to join the Editorial Advisory Board ( asian-journal-business-and-management-cases#editorial-board) of South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases (SAJBMC) - a SCOPUS index international case research journal published by SAGE. Anjan is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management at Narxoz University and the Founder-Head of Silk Road Case Center, Narxoz University. An e-learning Entrepreneur from India's IT boom era, Anjan has over 25 years of combined experience in Management and Academia.
A Process Model of Leveraging Survival Crisis Towards Building Innovation as Core Competence: Theorization from the Journey of a Textile Firm
Biswas, S., De, S., Subalova, M., Ghosh, A.
South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases, 2021
Religion as a Dominant Logic for Entrepreneurial Activities: Theorizing the Dynamics in and Around ‘We’d Meat Burger, Kazakhstan’
Amanbayev, Y., Aljanova, N., Mirzaliyeva, S., Ghosh, A.
South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases, 2021
Strategic transition towards organizational hybridism: Action research with cini India
Ghosh, A., Ray, S.
2017 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, AOM 2017, 2017, 2017-August
Evolutionary dynamics of organizational legitimacy of a social enterprise in a developing economy
Ray, S., Ghosh, A.
Emerging Research Directions in Social Entrepreneurship, 2014
The reference is:
Chatterjee, A., Ghosh, A., & Leca, B. (2022). Double Weaving: A Bottom-Up Process of Connecting Locations and Scales to Mitigate Grand Challenges. Academy of Management Journal,
( ).

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