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Head Agricultural Economics Research Group. Department of Management & Marketing. University of Huelva. Spain.
Juan D Borrero is a data scientist, entrepreneur and educator. An AgTech by training, he has a deep passion for the intersection on agriculture and technology and preservation. He is an engineer and technologist. He founded, a spin-off for empowering farmers through open technology. As a firm Science and Social Innovator hybrid, he has an MBA, a PhD in Economics and a degree in Law. He also is a lecturer and Director of the Agricultural Economics research Group at Huelva University. He works on the use of internet technologies (social movements and social network analysis), Big Data analytics for agriculture (predictive systems, IoT devices, blockchain or content analysis), entrepreneurship (social entrepreneurship, women's entrepreneurship, circular entrepreneurship) and social innovation (social economy, circular economy). Finally, he tries to encourage young people into technology through project.

IoT, blockchain, Big Data, AgTech, Entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, social innovation, Data Science, internet and social movements, social networks analysis, collaborative networks, agricultural cooperative movements, circular entrepreneurship.

Tenured Lecturer. Management & Marketing Department. University of Huelva
2008 BA Law, University of Huelva, Spain

2002 PhD. Economics, University of Huelva, Spain

1997 MBA, Internacional Business School, Spain

1996 BSs Agronomic Engineer (Major: Economy, Sociology and Politics), University of Córdoba, Spain
2022 Paper: Borrero J.D. (forthcoming). Análisis de los Tweets de los minoristas de alimentación que operan en España y UK. Cómo el análisis del contenido generado por los usuarios en Twitter puede ayudar a las cooperativas agroalimentarias a establecer mejores relaciones con sus clientes. REVESCO. Revista de Estudios Cooperativos. ISSN: 1885-8031. CiteScore 2021: 2.1 Q2 (68% 135/426 in Social Sciences (miscellaneous)). (forthcoming)

2022 Paper: Borrero J.D. (forthcoming). Agri-food Cooperatives’ Online marketing: Evaluation of the Strategies Utilized by Spanish and UK Food Retailers pre and post COVID-19 pandemic, CIRIEC-España, Revista de Economía Pública, Social y Cooperativa. ISSN: 0213-8093. CiteScore 2021: 2.9 Q1 (79% 277/1345 in Sociology and Political Science)

2022 Paper: Borrero J.D., Mariscal J., Vargas-Sánchez, A. (2022). A New Predictive Algorithm for Time Series Forecasting Based on Machine Learning Techniques: Evidence for Decision Making in Agriculture and Tourism Sectors. Stats, 5(4), 1145-1158.

2022 Paper: Borrero J.D., Mariscal J. (2022). Predicting Time Series Using an Automatic New Algorithm of the Kalman Filter. Mathematics, 10(16), 2915. ISSN: 2227-7390. JCR 2021: 2.592 D1 in Mathematics (pos 21/332 per 93.83)

2022 Paper: Borrero J.D., Mariscal J. (2022). A Case Study of a Digital Data Platform for the Agricultural Sector: A Valuable Decision Support System for Small Farmers. Agriculture, 12(6), 767. ISSN: 2077-0472. JCR 2021: 3.408. Q1 in Agronomy (pos 20/90 per 78.33)

2022 Paper: Borrero J.D., Borrero-Domínguez E. (2022). Entrepreneurial intention and university: A necessary relationship in regions with high level of unemployment. Intangible Capital, 18(1), 120-143. ISSN: Online ISSN: 1697-9818 – Print ISSN: 2014-3214. CiteScore 2021: 2.6 Q2 (68% 443/1406 in Education) 2021 Paper: Borrero J.D., Mariscal J. (2021). Deterministic Chaos Detection and Simplicial Local Predictions Applied to Strawberry Production Time Series. Mathematics. 2021; 9:3034. . JCR 2021: 2.592 D1 in Mathematics (pos 21/332 per 93.83).

2021 Paper: Borrero J.D. (2021). Expanding the Level of Technological Readiness for a Low-Cost Vertical Hydroponic System. Inventions, 6(4), 68. CiteScore 2021: 5.2 Q1 (84% 47/300 in General Engineering)

2021 Paper: Borrero J.D., Zabalo A. (2021). Identification and Analysis of Strawberries’ Consumer Opinions on Twitter for Marketing Purposes. Agronomy, 11(4), 809. JCR 2021: 3.949. Q1 in Agronomy (pos 18/90 per 80.56)

2020 Paper: Borrero J.D., Zabalo, A. (2021). An Autonomous Wireless Device for Real-Time Monitoring of Water Needs, Sensors, 20(7), 2078, JCR 2020 3.576. Q1 en Instruments & Instrumentation (pos 14/64 per 78.91)

2020 Chapter: The Influence of the Local Ecosystem on Entrepreneurial Intentions: A Study With Entrepreneurs and Potential Entrepreneurs of Beja (Portugal) and Huelva (Spain). In: J.G Leitão & L. Cagica (Eds). Handbook of Research on Approaches to Alternative Entrepreneurship Opportunities. (p. 450). IGI Global, 105-128. ISBN13: 9781799819813, ISBN10: 1799819817, EISBN13: 9781799819837. Index in Scholary Publishers Indicators (SPI). ICEE: 0.003 (Economy). 0.944 (General) 2020. Con Sandra Saúde y Patrícia Hermozilha

2019 Patent: Vertical, Versatile, and Modular Hydroponics/Aeroponics System. ES 1 242 949. Inventors: Juan D Borrero; Guillermo Fernández

2019 R&D Project: Trabajo Social, Economía del Bien Común y Movilidad Humana: Construyendo Sociedades Inclusivas a través de la Economía Social con Personas Migrantes y Refugiadas (RTI2018-098089-B-I00). Convocatoria 2018 de Proyectos de I+D+i «RETOS INVESTIGACIÓN», del Programa Estatal de I+D+i orientada a los retos de la Sociedad, en el marco del Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación

2017-2020. Head Researcher: Sonia Hernández Plaza.

2019 Paper: Borrero J.D. (2019). Agri-food Supply Chain Traceability for Fruit and Vegetable Cooperatives Using Blockchain Technology, CIRIEC-España, Revista de Economía Pública, Social y Cooperativa, 95,71-94. CiteScore 2021: 2.9 Q1 (79% 277/1345 in Sociology and Political Science)

2019 Proceedings: A Wireless Sensor Network for Real-Time Detection of Crop Water Needs. X Simposio del Agua en Andalucía, Huelva, Noviembre 2018, con Guillermo Fernández y Camilo Rodríguez, p. 37-48. ISBN: 978-84-09-08256-8.

2018 Paper: Borrero J.D. (2018). The role of environment in the formation of women university students’ entrepreneurial intention. The case of Morocco. RIESISE-Revista Iberoamericana de Economía Solidaria e Innovación Sociolecológica, 1, 49-68.

2018 Chapter: Gender analysis of social entrepreneurial intention. A case of Morocco and Spain. In: A. Lindgreen, C. Vallaster, F. Maon, S. Yousafzai, & B. Palacios, Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Discovering, Creating and Seizing Opportunities for Blended Value Generation. Routledge (Taylor & Francis). ISBN: 9781472483591 SPI Index ICEE: 3.764 (Economy). 2018

2018 Chapter: The importance of country culture and university on university students' entrepreneurial intention. The case of Morocco and Spain. In: F. Matias, José António C. Santos, C. Afonso, C. Baptista, C.M.Q. Ramos, & M.C. Santos (Eds.), Estudos de Gestão e Empreendedorismo (pp. 509-525). Faro: Universidade do Algarve.

2018 Chapter: Entrepreneurial passion and social entrepreneurial self-efficacy as drivers of social entrepreneurial intentions among Spanish and Moroccan young females. In S. Yousafzai, A. Lindgree, S. Saeed, Colette, H. and Fayolle, A. (Eds). Contextual Embeddedness of Women’s Entrepreneurship. Routledge (Taylor & Francis). ISBN: 9781472483560 SPI Index ICEE: 3.764 (Economy). 2018

2017 R&D Project: Influence of the institutional environment on entrepreneurship in the Andalucía-Alentejo-Algarve Region. Head researcher: Juan D Borrero

2017 Proceedings: BoLoRa Universidad de Huelva: An experience on Internet of Things by engineering students, Badajoz, Octubre 2017., con José Guillermo Fernández, Camilo Rodríguez. 651-662, ISBN 978-84-697-64-15-2.

2015 Book: El futuro del sector de los berries onubenses desde la perspectiva de la demanda. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3848.4082

2015 R&D Contract: Berries sector analysis. Head researcher: Juan Diego Borrero Sánchez.

2015 Paper: La 'Spanish Revolution' en Twitter (2): Redes de hashtags y actores individuales y colectivos respecto a los desahucios en España, REDES-Revista hispana para el Análisis de redes sociales, 26(1) with Estrella Gualda and José Carpio. doi:

2014 Paper: Is There Online Collective Identity within Social Bookmarking Systems? Journal of Socialomics, 3(2): 110. doi:10.4172/2167-0358.1000110.

2014 Paper: Perceived Value of Social Networking Sites (SNS) in Students’ Expressive Participation in Social Movements. Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing (JRIM), 8(1), 56-78, with Shumaila Yousafzai, Uzma Javed, and Kelly Page. CiteScore 2014: 2.5 Q2 (72% 40/146 in Marketing)

2014 Paper: Expressive Participation in Internet Social Movements: Testing the Moderating Effect of Technology Readiness and Sex on Student SNS Use. Computers in Human Behavior, 30, 39-49, with Shumaila Yousafzai, Uzma Javed, and Kelly Page. JCR 2014: 2.694 Q1 (pos 20/129 per 84,88) in Psychology, Multidisciplinar.

2014 R&D Project: Spain-Morocco Lab on Social Entrepreneurship (2014DEC010). Head researcher: Juan D Borrero

2013 R&D Project: Spain-Morocco Lab on Social Entrepreneurship (2013DEC010). Head researcher: Juan D Borrero

2013 Proceedings: Social Movements on the Internet: Together Alone or Alone Together? Proceedings of the 21st European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), Utrecht, The Netherlands, June 2013, with Antonio Díaz and Cathy Urquhart.

2013 Paper: Crawling big data in a new frontier for socioeconomic research: testing with social tagging. Journal of Spatial and Organizational Dynamics, 1(1), 3-24., with Estrella Gualda.

2012 Proceedings: Tagging Society through the Web and Crawling Big Data for Social Uses: Method and Implications. Proceedings of the VI Andalusian Conference on Sociology, Cádiz, Spain, Dec 2012, with Estrella Gualda

2012 Proceedings: The Adoption of Social Network Sites for Expressive Participation in Internet Social Movements: A Proposed Model. Proceedings of the 18th IBIMA International conference, Istanbul, Turkey, May 2012, with Shumaila Yousafzai.

2012 Book: Construyendo puentes sostenibles entre el sur de España y el Norte de Marruecos (Sustainable Building Bridges between Southern Spain and Northern Morocco) SPI Index ICEE: 0.503 (General). 187 de 272

2011 Póster: Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural en Sistemas de Recomendación basados en Filtrado Colaborativo

2011 R&D Project: Comparative analysis of environmental law Moroccan and Spanish. Recommendations for sustainable development and competitive framework (C/031831/10). Head researcher: Juan D Borrero

2011 Patent: Conveyor belt for tracking systems of packaged horticultural products. Inventor: Juan D Borrero

2011 Patent: System for handling food products. Inventor: Juan D Borrero

2010 I+D Proyecto: Análisis Comparativo del Derecho Medioambiental Marroquí y Español. Recomendaciones para su desarrollo en un marco sostenible y competitivo (C/031831/10). Investigador principal: Juan Diego Borrero Sánchez. Convocatoria competitiva Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y Cooperación. AECID.

2010 PhD Supervisor. Thesis: Collaborative Work in Professional Networks, Carmen Mora, Graduated on December, 10 2010

2009 R&D Project: Creation of an interregional collaborative network to encourage innovation via collaboration in the creation and exchange of knowledge. Head researcher: Juan D Borrero

2009 R&D Project: UCC consolidation, University of Huelva (FCT-09-777). Head researcher: Juan D Borrero

2009 R&D Contract: Model for the non-linear prediction and implementation on computer of the mathematical algorithm for strawberry harvesting. Head researcher: Juan D Borrero

2008 R&D Project: Neurona Cultura Científica: creation of the Scientific Culture Unit (FCT-08-1190). Head researcher: Juan D Borrero

2008 R&D Contract: Estimation of a predictive short-term model for strawberry harvesting using non-linear techniques on seasonal sets. Head researcher: Juan D Borrero

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