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Dr. Vahid Makizadeh

Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Management and Accounting at the University of Hormozgan, Iran.
Vahid has a Master's degree in Business Management and a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from Shahid Beheshti University (formerly known as the National University of Iran), Tehran, Iran. His main area of interest is Strategic management and Entrepreneurship, particularly entrepreneurship among disadvantaged people. His recent research area focused on value creation by entrepreneurs, especially disadvantaged entrepreneurs. Also, he has spent several years working for businesses within a consultative role.
Makizadeh, Vahid and Yousafzai, Shumaila, Iranian Women Entrepreneurs: Creating Household Value through Entrepreneurship (May 19, 2021). Available at SSRN: or

Moosavi Rashedi, S., Makizadeh, V., Hasanpour Qorughchi, E. (2021). Identifying Barriers to the Development of Shared Businesses. Journal of System Management, 7(2), 129-147. doi: 10.30495/jsm.2021.1928628.1466

Azizi, S., & Makizadeh, V. (2014). Strategic priorities of Iranian companies: an application of mission statement content analysis. Management & Marketing, 9(4), 471.

Azizi, S., & Makkizadeh, V. (2012). Consumer decision-making style: the case of Iranian young consumers. Journal of Management research, 4(2), 88.

Makizadeh, V., Yousafzai, S., Aein Jamshid, S., & Mohebbi, A. (In progress). "Disabled Entrepreneurs Creating Value in Iran’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem". In Research Handbook of Disability and Entrepreneurship. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.
Persian papers:
Makizadeh, V., Azizzadeh, S. (2021). Analyzing the qualitative dimensions of the performance of disabled entrepreneurs. Journal of Entrepreneurship Development, 14(1), 119-138. doi: 10.22059/jed.2021.318359.653591

Tizroo, A., Makizadeh, V., Fathi, M., Saghaei, F. (2020). Investigation the Iranian Women Entrepreneurs' Viewpoints on Institutional Pressures to Institutional Pressures. Quarterly Journal of Women and Society, 11(43), 67-84.

Makizadeh, V., Khorram, R., Bahri, S., Sharaei, F. (2021). The Role of Entrepreneurship Education and Teacher Creativity on the Entrepreneurial Intention of Students of Hormozgan Marine Higher Education Centers. Journal of Research on Management of Teaching in Marine Sciences, 7(4), 1-15.

Makizadeh, V., Sharaei, F. (2021). An Analysis of the Impact of Corporate Foresight on Innovation in Startups. Future study Management, 32(125), -.

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