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Wojdan Omran-Farraj

PhD research student at Cardiff Business School
Wojdan is currently a PhD research student at Cardiff Business School. Her doctoral thesis topic features internally displaced Palestinian women entrepreneurs and how they perceive success in the context of their particular environments. Based on her research thus far, she has presented at several conferences, co-hosted an online seminar and contributed to a documentary film which premiered at Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) UK in 2020. Prior to starting her PhD studies, Wojdan's professional experience has been heavily based in academia as a lecturer of management at Birzeit University in Palestine where she also served the administration, most notably as director of the Alumni and Career Services Office. Her published work to date includes topics on organizational processes, gender and entrepreneurship with particular emphasis on marginalized groups.
∙ Omran-Farraj, W.A., and Farraj, L. (Forthcoming). Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Palestine: Context and Prospects of Disabled People. In S. Yousafzai, T. Coogan, S. Sheikh, and W. Ng (eds) Research Handbook on Disability and Entrepreneurship. Edward Elgar.

∙ Khoury, G., Farraj, W. and Sultan, S., 2018. Challenges to the Formalization of Palestinian Female-Owned Home-Based Businesses. In S. Yousafzai, A. Fayolle, S. Saeed, A. Lindgreen and S. Sheikh (eds) Women Entrepreneurship and the Myth of ‘Underperformance’: A New Look on Women's Entrepreneurship Research (pp. 173-191). Edward Elgar.

∙ Sabella, A.R., Farraj, W.A., Burbar, M. and Qaimary, D., 2014. Entrepreneurship and economic growth in West Bank, Palestine. Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, 19(01), p.1450003.

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