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  • The two-day conference, organized by the NU Social Development Fund (SDF) and the NU Entrepreneurship Research Center (NURCE), served as a platform to build effective collaboration and integrate knowledge among institutions involved in creating sustainable change.

    Kazakh Minister of Science and Higher Education Saysat Nurbek highlighted the importance of the “third mission” of universities in promoting social change and making a difference for local communities.
    “They should not serve the elite; they should serve the society. They should bring community outreach and service not just as part of their responsibility but as part of their agenda and strategy. We’re now trying to push all universities to have more civic engagement, community outreach, community service, and service learning,”.

  • Socio-cultural barriers often act against developing women's entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan. Similarly, the education, knowledge, and information gap limit the development of social entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan. Therefore, academia and practice are vital for structured and institutional approaches in developing and supporting women's entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and community entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan.
  • Nazarbayev University in Astana hosted the presentation of a much-anticipated book “Trailblazers of the Steppe: Inspiring Narratives of Women Entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan” on April 18. The occasion marked the achievements of women entrepreneurs in the country and shed light on their remarkable stories of resilience and success, reports Kazinform News Agency correspondent.
    Authored by Shumaila Yousafzai, an Associate Professor at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business and director of the Nazarbayev University's Entrepreneurship Research Center (NURCE), the book encapsulates the narratives of 50 remarkable women entrepreneurs from various corners of Kazakhstan.