Our SERPIN Newsletter of 2024
This month, "Serpin" takes you through the transformative landscapes of business and entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan. As we stand at the forefront of a paradigm shift in business and entrepreneurship, we aim to bring to you stories, insights, and perspectives that ignite a wildfire of innovative thinking and pioneering strategies.
February has been a busy month at NURCE, with the 2024 international conference, "Impact Central: Bridging Social Development and Entrepreneurship." The conference focused on impactful narratives and creating opportunities for social impact by bringing together academics and society for two days of sessions.
Looking at the work that NURCE does to teach
entrepreneurship with impact, to the way that students have taken what they learned in the classroom to spread awareness of the social
issues facing their community, this edition of Serpin is about the powerful importance of
impactful teaching.
April brought warmer temperatures in Kazakhstan, and the launch of NURCE’s new book “Trailblazers of the Steppes: Inspiring
Stories of Kazakhstani Businesswomen.” This new book exemplifies the theme of this month’s newsletter impactful narratives.
In this issue, we will reflect on NURCE
and the impact that it has had on the
individuals that shape NURCE, and their goals
and motivations to impact the world around